Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

22.12.1412 (Saturday 22 December 1412)

document 54902724

agistment michaelmas Nich Marchaunt for five colts 2s6d Simon Hierde for two colts 2s Jn Hynklishman for one colt (torn) Jn Stonhard# for one bull calf and three colts (torn) the prior for two bullocks 2s Jn Leftchild for two heifer calves 18d Roger Mordon for three heifer calves 18d Robt Seberyght for one colt 6d Robt Tayllor for five colts 5s and Wm Leg for three bullocks and two heifer calves not collected and Jn Mason for one heifer calf 9d and Gilb Abraham for six bullocks and one bull calf 5s and Jn Passemer for one bullock 9d and Rich Abraham for one heifer calf 9d and Adam Stours for two oxen 2s and Jn Swetyng for one cow 18d and the same for one heifer calf 9d and Jn Bayllyf of Fordham for one bullock and one heifer calf 21d and Jn Illeygth for one colt 18d sum 34s9d