Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

3.3.1418 (Thursday 3 March 1418)

document 55400336

a farm per annum 56s9d the lady granted and let to farm to Rich Skynnere one house called Longestable with The Heyhous and garden called Hallegardyn Burton Barn and Litle Burton two crofts of land called Reycroft and Berecroft containing 24a3r to hold to himself and his executors from michaelmas.last before this present date u ntil the same said feast at the end of ten years next following is fully completed for a rent thereof to the lady per annum for the said Stable the Heyhouse and Hallegarden of 12s and for Burton Barn and Little Burton 4s and for each acre in Reycroft and Berecroft 12d whereof the sum total extends to 40s9d at the feast of easter and michaelmas equally acquitting the lady against the lord king and undertaking all duties within the said land arising from her portion keeping up and maintaining the said places in lathes and dawb and keeping up of their hedges and closes without waste and strip etc returning the same thereof at the end