Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

3.3.1418 (Thursday 3 March 1418)

document 55400644

(sewn on the side of the roll) whereas lately within a short time after the aforesaid court was held it was presented to the bailiff to repair the fence around the lady's park with divers necessary pales and at the present time the aforesaid bailiff before Wm Goldreed steward and the lady's overseer and Walt Bodelgave the keeper of the lady's park returned recounted and showed his bills and tallies concerning certain undertakings and expenses ordered by Wm and Walt themselves as completed they looked at them all and carefully and diligently examined them all and they were found to come to the sum of 18s4d by considering the agistment of divers animals in the lady's park there having and being and grazing which sum comes to 13s4d as shown above of which he should have the 13s4d to go towards the above named sum to be allocated and granted to him etc