Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

2.12.1428 (Saturday 2 December 1428)

document 56400410

presentment to distrain Roger Mordone that he should be at the next to show by what right he entered one croft of land called Lytewerne Croft which is a parcel of the lands and tenements called Goules and that he ought to be making a contribution to the rent thereof pertaining to the lord and Jn Panel to satisfy the lord concerning one tree and five of the lord's oak trees delivered to him by the lord's bailiff to repair one gateway next to Horscroft and he left the same rotting to the damage of the lord and to seize into the hands of the lord all lands and tenements called Breggemannes with the goods and chattels there found because their houses are in a state of ruin in default of repair and upon this came Jn Nyghtyngal and showed by what right he took from the lord all the lands thereof illegible text the aforesaid messuage with buildings whereof he sought to be executor viz for 12s per annum the whole to be paid for a rent of 20s per annum whereof he was amerced