Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

17.5.1429 (Tuesday 17 May 1429)

document 56401033

fine elsewhere 12d to this court came Jn Hyne urgently requesting that he himself for further times by making the customary appeal and proferment to the lord of an annual fine in the name of and exemption so that he himself out of the lord's grace and favour by way of the reason of his old age infirmity and liability he should be able to be excused henceforth from all duties of inquisitions juries offices forever both in this village and elsewhere within the lord's demesne charged or assigned to him to be removed on account of his old age infirmity and liability upon a fine elsewhere in the name of an exemption thereof brought and instigated for him testified by the lord's tenants and neighbours in truth together the lord by his steward granted unto him in this manner a special licence and exemption for the duration of his lifetime and the aforesaid Jn Hyne gave to the lord for his annual fine as shown to be paid at the usual terms equally