Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

1429 (1429)

document 56500174

sworn statement and that Jn Mille and Jn Hyne received and had 18marks sterling of Lucy Ruffle on the tuesday in pentecost week 17.5.7Hen6 which the aforesaid Lucy acquired at the dwelling house of Simon Holdhalle and there got out of Simon himself the aforesaid 18marks sterling and from him acquired under the guise of keeping it for him and took and carried it away and thus unjustly kept it until the aforesaid Lucy was placed in the stocks upon the precept of Thos Aldris then similarly by the steward and afterwards that she herself was imprisoned then acknowledged the aforesaid sum as that it was delivered to the aforesaid Jn and Jn whereof they ought to reply to the lord thereof and thus they say etc therefore it is presented to the bailiff to distrain the aforesaid Jn and Jn against the next court to reply to the lord concerning the aforesaid sum as it was presented at the last court with view here held on the day etc in the year above mentioned