Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

6.6.1430 (Tuesday 6 June 1430)

document 56500955

inquisition on behalf of the king sworn statement an inquisition taken on behalf of the king upon the oath of Jn Panell Firmin Tyllere Jn Ascheford Rich Skynnere Jn Tylere senior Robt Atte Park Jn Atte Park Wm Sorler (sic) Jn Waleys Jn Tyllere junior Jn Grove and Simon Hamonnd who say that Jn Hyne one of the chief pledge received and had of Lucy Ruffle 16marks8d sterling on the tuesday in pentecost week last past 17.5.last at the court with view here held on the same day which the aforesaid Lucy took out of the dwelling house of Simon Holdhalle as an accessory and deceitfully took it and from him as if under guise of looking after it and carried it off and unjustly kept it as it was presented by the whole chief pledge at the aforesaid court and view 17.5.7Hen6 and upon this the aforesaid Lucy was arrested and imprisoned upon the precept of Thos Aldrys then here the lord's under steward and placed her in the stocks until the aforesaid Lucy delivered the aforesaid 16marks8d to the aforesaid Jn and that money was counted in the church of the aforesaid Colne whereof the lord earl was able to return etc therefore it was presented to the bailiff to levy the aforesaid 16marks8d of the goods and chattels of the aforesaid Jn Hyne until he should give satisfaction to the lord etc