Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56602071

Earls Colne Jn Wrygth whereas at a court here held on saturday 28.9.35Edw3 (sic) it was presented to seize into the hands of the lord one tenement called Petles now Jn Wrygth (inserted) which same said was of Robt Turnor as by escheat of the said lord because Jn son and heir of the said Robt died without heirs etc which the said Robt as shown by the whole homage was a bastard and returned of the profits until etc and upon this Robt Melle should be next heir to enjoy from the lord the aforesaid tenement with appurtenances with the reversion of two parts of the same said tenement to be enjoyed and it was granted to him to hold to him and his heirs by the services etc saving etc and he gave to the lord for a fine etc