Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56604776

Earls Colne Jn Hyne inquisition heriot Lavenham mr Robt Cook Jn Mille whereas at a court here held on the friday next after the feast of st lucy the virgin 19.12.22Edw3 Jn Draper now Jn Hyne (inserted) came and surrendered into the hands of the lord one piece of meadow containing 3r of meadow more or less as it lay between a meadow of Jn Gosse on one part and of the river bank on the other part to the use of Adam Boteller and Joan his wife and the heirs of the said Adam to whom etc by the services and customs etc item inquisition(inserted) Rich Crudde came and gave to the lord for a fine for licence to let 1a2r of pasture to Roger Sleigter for a term of four years etc item inquisition(inserted) it was shown by an inquisition that Jn Draper now Jn Lavenham (inserted) held from the lord etc one messuage and 1r of land which he took from the lord's demesne after whose death accrued to the lord as heriot one bullock valued at 5s and they said Wm his (son) is aged 14yrs etc item inquisition(inserted) it was shown that Jn Ballard sold to Robt Cook by deed 1r of customary land Jn Mille (inserted) in Helderespigthel therefore seized into the hands of the lord and afterwards came the said Robt and took from the lord the said 1r of land (new piece sewn over part of line) found in the roll of this court court written within this roll there signed with a cross etc