Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56605949

free tenement which was held by deed memo here are the free tenements of the aforesaid Colne written which were from ancient memory as shown in a document of this roll established viz Wm Copyn holds one messuage and 1virg of land for which he owes to the king (def erga regam) by the deed of Alberic de Veer earl of Oxford etc item Jn Gosse holds one messuage and 30a of land and more etc item Jn Goseweld holds 1a and 12a of land item Nich Coc holds 3a2r of land in Markshale item Wm Berenner holds 8a of land item Emmote Gosse holds 15a of land it is said to be hers undisturbed item Wm Atte Park holds 2a of land it is said by an inquisition by letters of the lord thereof made that it should be thereof undisturbed and that he holds the said lands by making the hedges around the lord's park for all servic es etc item Olive de Claketon holds one messuage and 8a of land item Jn Coc holds 2a of land charged by deed that he owes 1d for scutage for the lands sometime of Hychyngeham item the said Jn Gosse chaplain holds 3a of land it is said that the aforesaid land is of a tenement of Wm Copyn and that it ought to be undisturbed by a deed of the said Wm item Jeff Wynter holds 9a of land which were of the king from Offyngton it is said that he holds to farm etc item Jn Gosse holds 2a of land which were Swoneslond item Hugo de Feryng holds 15a of land item Rich Pake holds 2a of land by deed etc item Jn Ingelthorp 2a of pasture item Wm de Goldyngton holds     whereof memo