Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

13.11.1434 (Saturday 13 November 1434)

document 57000415

fine 4d Roger Moordon present in court surrendered into the hands of the lord a certain room with garden parcel of a garden adjoining situated in Great Colne which lately was of Xian Bury so that the lord thereof should do his will and afterwards the lord out of he special grace thereof regranted seisin of the aforesaid room and parcel with appurtenances to the aforesaid Roger Moordon and Margery his wife and the heirs of Roger himself to whom freely it is thereof granted seisin to hold to the same Roger and Margery and the heirs of Roger himself from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord etc by the ancient services and customs etc saving the rights etc and they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty