Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

13.11.1434 (Saturday 13 November 1434)

document 57000699

fine 13s4d confirmation whereas divers bond tenants of this demesne from ancient times concerning the divers customary services and customs made levied and being to the lord of the same said demesne annually until the same said tenants in the time of king Edward the third jointly petitioned the lord to commute the aforesaid customary services and customs at that time returnable the lord by the concession agreement and advise of his whole council the said customary services and customs of wood grain and chargeables and on account of their want and poverty by reason of consideration and investigation out of their abundant and special grace granted to the same said tenants that all the said customary services and customs coming from their holdings should be by rent in monies at the two annual terms viz at the feast of easter and michaelmas to be paid to the lord and his heirs whereof a certain tenement called Okemannes then at the time being charged by the customary services and customs issuing from the same said tenement in moneys at 6d1h as a certain rental in the 19Rich2 thereof made and clearly bound which same said tenement now is held of Ralph Nicoll who came to this court and sought release from the aforesaid customary services and customs according as he himself and all others who had an estate in the same from the time of the said concession held in such a manner until divers bond tenants who at that time did not make a money rent for the premises claimed the said tenements as part of their feudal duties for the holding of the lord's park viz in making one and a half ropes to be made in the manner and form which at the time was levied and in any way the lord of this manor wished it to be which is just and right in all things which in his time or in the courts of his successors by reason of succession are to be charged carried out and demanded and all and singular both from himself and the said descendants willingly granted being in their authority to grant to the said Ralph the said tenement in the manner and form of a money rent to hold to himself and his heirs for the rents and services as from the aforesaid time of the manner of the rental and levies which same said Ralph for the aforesaid confirmation gave to the lord for fine as shown in the margin