Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

29.5.1436 (Tuesday 29 May 1436)

document 57100487

fine 3s4d whereas the court was informed that a tenement called Mychels was gravely made waste and in ruins and that Isab Manley held the said tenement for her lifetime the reversion thereof to Wm Leman and his heirs because the aforesaid Isab was living outside this demesne and allowed the said tenement to be in ruins and laid waste and she ought to have recourse to repair the same therefore the aforesaid tenement by the aforesaid Thos Basset the lord's chief steward granted to the aforesaid Wm Leman and his heirs upon the condition that he himself well and sufficiently in all things should repair the aforesaid tenement against the next court with leet etc and he gave to the lord for a fine for having such estate thereof as shown in the margin and made fealty to the lord etc