Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

26.5.1439 (Tuesday 26 May 1439)

document 57200673

fine 6s8d condition and into the same said court came Rich Skynnere and Jn Wryght and surrendered into the hands of the lord a parcel of one tenement with garden adjoining below the churchyard of the church of Earls Colne on the south part and the east with a certain purpresture on the south part of the same said tenement as enclosed with pales placed there together with another purpresture on the other part of the roadway there opposite the said tenement which was lately of Thos Gernon and with one stable situated near and adjoining the gateway of the manor house opposite the king's highway on the the north part to the use of Wm Crevyn Xian his wife Jn Smyth and Thos Gurnay junior to whom the lord by his steward granted thereof seisin to hold to the same their heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord by the services and customs according to the custom of the manor saving the rights etc upon the condition however following that if the aforesaid Wm Xian Jn Smyth and Thos should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Jn Wright or any of them or their certain attorneys at the feast of xmas.next after the date of this court 26s8d at the feast of xmas next 26s8d at the feast of xmas next 26s8d at the feast of xmas then next following 26s8d and at the feast of xmas then next following 26s8d then the aforesaid surrender should stand in its force and effect otherwise it should truly be allowed to the said Rich and Jn Wright their heirs and assigns to reenter into the tenement garden and purpresture and the aforesaid stable with appurtenances and to retain in their former estate by licence of the court first ratified and pertaining and they gave to the lord for a fine and made fealty etc