Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

6.11.1439 (Friday 6 November 1439)

document 57300018

inquisition mercy 15d taken by the office of the steward upon the oath of Wm Fraunceys sworn Jn Sonyld sworn Jn Wright sworn Edm Goldyng sworn Jn Payn sworn Jn Atte Park sworn Jn Ashford sworn Jn Rogger sworn Jn Fuller sworn Firmon Tylor sworn Robt Sebright sworn Jn Grove sworn Thos Wryght sworn Wm Bome sworn Robt Kente sworn Jn Waleys sworn Thos Prynce sworn Jn March sworn Simon Teye sworn and Roger Brymston sworn were sworn Wm Hauke sworn Rich Skynnere sworn Thos Moordon sworn who present that Jn Drewe 3d Jn Tylere junior 2d Thos Stable 3d Thos Murdon 3d the land tenant of Spelmanys now in the hands of Wm Morc owes suit of court and made default therefore each of them separately in mercy