Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

6.11.1439 (Friday 6 November 1439)

document 57300309

scire facias whereas at a general court here held on the wednesday next after the feast of all saints 17Hen6 Jn Waleys Jn Mylle and Thos Kelet surrendered into the hands of the lord 24a of land meadow and pasture with appurtenances sometime of Robt Stevyn lying next to Colnebregge to the use of Rich Brom Robt Wheler of Stysted and Wm Goldynglond of the same said (Stysted) to whom it was granted thereof seisin to hold to themselves their heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor upon the following conditions that if the said Rich Robt and Wm should pay the aforesaid Jn Waleys his heirs and executors on the feast of easter next following 13s4d and at the feast of michaelmas then next following 13s4d and thus from year to year till the said feast then next following when all should be paid until 16marks should be fully paid that then the aforesaid surrender should remain in its force and otherwise it should stand for nothing and truly it should be allowed to the said Jn Waleys Jn Mylle and Thos Kelet to reenter into the aforesaid lands as in their former estate by licence of the court as required and obtaining as in a general court concerning which thus it was clearly shown and allowed now however out of the information of the said Jn Waleys Jn Mylle and Thos Kelet the court was given intelligence that the aforesaid Rich Robt and Wm in the aforesaid payments of 13s4d at the feast of michaelmas.last past before the date of this court made default against the form of the aforesaid condition and because they who were in the said court rightfully ordered the debts to be executed which they owed it was presented to the bailiff that he should make known to the said Rich Robt and Wm that they should be here at the next court here held to show by what right they hold or that they acknowledge by what right the aforesaid Jn Waleys Jn Mylle and Thos Kelet should reenter into the aforesaid lands meadows and pastures with appurtenances in the said form and condition of the aforesaid surrender which they ought not to have if they owe them monies etc