Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

23.5.1458 (Tuesday 23 May 1458)

document 58300346

fine 4d a farm named at 3s8d at the aforesaid court the lord out of his hands granted and let to farm to Wm Frank of Earls Colne two crofts of land called Gossethereve with appurtenances to whom the lord by his steward granted thereof seisin to have and to hold to himself and his heirs from the date of this court until the end and term of thirty years then next following and fully completed returning thereof in payment to the lord and his heirs per annum 3s8d at the usual terms of the manor etc saving the rights etc keeping the closes of the said crofts well and sufficiently and the same said Wm to crop and cut all the trees growing there previously lopped seasonably except the oak not to be cut without making waste etc and he gave for a fine etc