Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr69)

8.6.1462 (Tuesday 8 June 1462)

document 58700191

fine 12d to this court came Thos Heyward of London pelterer and Xian his wife and she herself solely examined as is the custom etc and Wm Gardener and Jn Stones of London pelterer and surrendered into the hands of the lord one tenement in the aforesaid Colne called Dynes lying against a parcel of St Mary on one part and next to a parcel of land called Lowfeld on the other part to the use of Ralph Awdeley Jn Tredegold glazier and Jn William and their heirs upon the following form and conditions viz the same said Ralph should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Thos Heyward and Xian or either of them or their rightful attorney at the next court to be held here in the week of pentecost next following the date of this court 20s and at the next court to be held there at the same said feast then next following 20s and otherwise this present surrender should stand for nothing and then truly it should be allowed to the aforesaid Thos and Xian by the lord's licence to enter into the said tenement and to hold it in their former estate this present surrender notwithstanding to whom the lord granted thereof seisin to hold to themselves and their heirs at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor by the ancient rents and services and upon the form and aforesaid condition and they made fine and fealty as shown in the margin