Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr69)

5.2.1467 (Thursday 5 February 1467)

document 59100118

fine 5s condition and to this same court came Osbert Shepherde who has the estate for himself of Xian his wife now deceased and surrendered into the hands of the lord half of one tenement with a garden adjoining lying in the aforesaid Colne sometime Makell with appurtenances to the use of Jn Soneld to whom is granted thereof seisin to hold to him from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord and according to the custom of the aforesaid manor by the ancient services and customs etc and upon the condition following viz that the aforesaid Jn Soneld should pay or cause to be paid to the said Osbert on the sunday next before the first day of lent now next following after the date of this court 6s8d and at the feast of st peter ad vincula then next following another 6s8d and at the feast of michaelmas then next immediately following 6s8d or within fifteen days then coming after whatever feast and at the feast of easter then next immediately following another 6s8d and at the feast of michaelmas then next following 6s8d and at the feast of easter then next following 10s that then this surrender should stand in effect and if there should be default in any payment or aforesaid payments which ought to be paid in part or in whole that then it should be allowed to the aforesaid Osbert and his assigns to reenter into the aforesaid half of the tenement and garden with the appurtenances by licence of the lord and to go into and to rehave the same to enjoy and to retain until the aforesaid condition should be fully satisfied and otherwise the aforesaid surrender should be void and for having such estate thereof the aforesaid Jn Soneld gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty to the lord etc