Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr70)

17.5.1502 (Tuesday 17 May 1502)

document 59900023

whereas at the court general holden at Earls Colne on tuesday being the morrow of all souls in the 16Hen7 3.11.1500 Rich Simpson executor of the testament of Wm Boome and desired licence of the lord to reenter on one messuage with a rentary and garden adjoining late Wm Boome's surrendered to the use of Jn Clerke on divers conditions as in the roll of the court more plainly appeareth and because that the bailiff answered in the court that he warned the said Jn that he might be here in the court to answer the said Rich concerning the conditions aforesaid wherefore the said Jn to this court was solemnly required and appeared not it is considered by the court that the said Rich may reenter on the said messuage rentary and garden and the same have again and sell to fulfil the last will of the said Wm Boome and the said Rich giveth fine