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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr70)

2.6.1506 (Tuesday 2 June 1506)

document 60200464

Illie's messuagefine 3s4d and there came Jn Fonteys alias Butler and Jn Wro who had estate with Wm Boome deceased of and in one messuage and 10a of customary lands with the appurtenances late Robt Illie's and surrendered the said messuage and 10a of customary land with the appurtenances to the use of Robt Turnebull Thos Hunte and Wm Clerke their heirs and assigns to whom there is seisin thereof delivered by the rod to hold to the same Robt Thos and Wm their heirs and assigns to the will of the lord doing etc on condition following that the said Robt Turnebull his heirs and executors pay or cause to be paid to the foresaid Jn Fonteys his heirs or assigns 20li113s4d of lawful money of England in form underwritten viz at the feast of pentecost next coming after the date of these presents 23s4d and at the feast of pentecost then next following 40s and so still paying at every feast of pentecost 40s until the foresaid sum of 40s be faithfully paid pain on pain of reentry