Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr72)

22.5.1548 (Tuesday 22 May 1548)

document 64200209

it is found by the homage that Jn Wingfield who held in the day when he died freely by deed as it is supposed certain lands called Nykars and Colland and Daviesland wherefore he renteth by year     but it what estate they know not and they say that Ann Ashefield now the wife of Edw Ashefield is sister of the foresaid Jn Wingfield deceased and hath right to the premises whom the bailiff is charged to distrain to be at the court here next to be holden to show the lord her evidence and further to make fealty and suit at court and to pay the lord a relief viz     due by and after the death of Jn Wingfield her brother deceased