Chancery Depositions (PRO C1 26/392 Wm Scott v Jn Drewe)

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document 14900005

to my right worshipful and reverend lord the bishop of Winchester# chancellor of England beseecheth meekly your poor and continual orator Wm Scott that whereas Jn Payn of Earls Colne in the shire of Essex and Thos Drewe of Lavenham Suffolk were late seised in their demesne as of fee of and in Abbey messuages with appurtenances in Colne aforesaid to the use of Jn Drewe and of his heirs and to the intents to perform his last will the which Jn Drewe they being so seised to the said Abbey made ordained and delivered by his last will that the said Abbey messuages with appurtenances should be sold by one Joan Panne being the wife and by the said Jn Payn and Thos Drewe and that they with the money thereof to be received should pay and content the debts of the said Jn Drewe and afterwards died after whose death your said suppliant took to wife the said Joan the which Joan as well afore that she was married to your said suppliant as afterwards fully promised to your said suppliant and with him made bargain and conveyance that he should have to him and to his heirs the said messuages with appurtenances so that he ought to pay and content all the debts that the said Jn Drewe owed at the day of his death upon which promise bargain and conveyance your said suppliant hath paid and content to divers persons parcel of the said debts amounting to the sum of 40li and more and all the remainder of the same debts is and would be ready to pay so that he may in and of the said messuages have a lawful estate according to the conveyance bargain and promise before rehearsed and afterwards the said Joan died after whose death your said suppliant required the said Jn Payn and Thos Drewe to make to him estate of the said messuages according as is before rehearsed or else to sell the said messuages and to repay to him the said 40li and more money by him for the said debts paid and that to do they have always refused and yet refuse wherefore please your good and gracious lordship the premises to consider and how that in this case your said suppliant hath none other remedy but to run unto your good and gracious lordship and thereupon to direct several writs of subpoena to the said Jn Payn and Thos D rewe to appear afore the king in his chancery at a certain day and under a certain pain by you to be limited there to be examined upon the premises and thereupon to compel them to do as good faith and conscience require and your said suppliant shall pray to god for you pledged to prosecute Rich Wotnesburs# at London gentleman and Wm Tu# of Chatham# Suff# yeoman