Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/946/75 Wm Bushe v Jn Cressener gentleman)

1538-1544 (1538)

document 15000048

(very mutilated date uncertain) complainant Wm Bushe of Matching in a complaint against one Sybil Wroo of Earls Colne widow deceased who was in her lifetime seised of a manor or farm called Stockhalls at Matching and a certain tenement or tenements called Hob===== belonging lying and being in the town of Matching (she may have devised these premises) to one Geo Grant to have and to hold as a farm let from michaelmas.1537 excepted and reserved all woods standing upon the said manor to Sybil for a certain yearly rent on a certain day to be paid as by one indenture (torn) by force whereof the said Geo enjoyed the lease and Geo let the property to Wm Bushe for a term of certain years not yet expired etc and Wm devised these to himself and Jn Bushe to hold and Sybil Wroo died after whose death the premises reverted to one Jn Beynham payment the said Jn Baynham did receive (torn) Hen Ayllen and Robt Lynnett by commandment of Jn Cressener gentleman (torn) last past entered into the said manor or farm called Stockhalls (torn) and (appears to have pushed out Wm Bushe ) being a very poor and impotent person they turn him out into the yard and keep possession though he feels he has a right to the lease asks for writ of subpoena direct against illegible text