Chancery Depositions (PRO C3/99/82 Robt Jacob v Jn Umfrye and Nich Parker)

(undated) (1565)

document 15200136

(badly torn on the right hand side) the answers of Nich Parker and Jn Umfrye defendant to the bill of complaint of Robt Jacob complainant the said defendants say that the said bill of complaint is utterly uncertain and insufficient etc and set forth for displeasure to vex and disquiet these defendants being quiet husbandmen and put them to wrongful vexation (torn) nevertheless if these defendants be by the order of this honourable court shall be compelled to make further answer to the said (torn) of the insufficiency of the same answer thereunto then they severally say as followeth and first the said Nich Parker the (torn) possessed for many years yet enduring of and in the said mansion or farm place called Myles with the appurtenances mentioned in (torn) consideration him thereunto moving and by his sufficient deed indented bearing date 10.10.2Eliz1 did demise grant assigns and set over all his term of and in all the premises mentioned in the said bill (torn) certain rent unto the said Jn Umfrye one other of the defendants by force whereof the said Jn Umfrye entered into the premises and he being thereof so possessed did demise and lease unto the said complainant the moiety of the said mansion place and farm aforesaid (torn) during the term of three years or thereabouts by reason whereof the said complainant entered into the moiety of the premises and was (torn) accordingly without interruption for the knowledge of these defendants and afterwards the said Jn Umfrye by a conclusion and agreement (torn) Nich Parker had and made and also by reason of a covenant and condition made and contained in the said indenture whereby (torn) for the said twenty one years unto the said Jn Umfrye he the said Jn Umfrye did reconvey and reassure all his said tenement above the said three (torn) Parker and his assigns as well and lawful was and is for him to do by reason whereof the said Nich Parker the defendant (torn) of the residue of the premises expectant upon the said lease for three years aforesaid and the said Jn Umfrye the other of these defendants (torn) possessed of the whole mansion and other the premises did demise and grant the one moiety thereof to the said complainant for three years in manner (torn) whereof the said complainant entered into the same the said moiety of the premises and was and yet is possessed thereof accordingly but the same Jn Umfrye (torn) complainant being a troublesome man and being disposed to breed discord and contention and the rather for that he or some other of his friends to his (torn) of the said indenture made sworn the said Nich Parker unto the said Jn Umfrye this defendant which the said Jn Umfrye delivered unto him for a (torn) defendant should save him harmless from a stranger which he hath already done and upon a wilful pretence the said complainant doth refuse to enable or (torn) moiety of the premises as he before hath done for and during the said term of three years which shall end and determine at the feast of michaelmas next coming although he hath been divers times thereunto required and by reason thereof he doth make a surmise of the circumstances of the (torn) honourable court to the intent to vex and trouble these defendants without any good cause and afterwards the said Jn Umfrye the one of the (torn) con siderations him moving did regrant and reassure the premises and all his interest therein unto the said Nich Parker the other of these defendants (torn) as aforesaid as lawful was for him to do by reason whereof he is possessed of the moiety of the one half of the said mansion and other the (torn) and also of all the reversion of the same during all the term of years in the former indenture enduring without that that the (torn) Umfrye the one of these defendants for and in consideration of the sum of 40marks by the said complainant unto him paid and to be paid did demise (torn) let assign and set over all the said mansion place or farm of Myles and other the premises aforesaid together with the said former indenture (torn) all his right estate title and term and demand of and in the same to the said complainant and his assigns from the end of the said three years to him (torn) end and term of all the years then to come and unexpired in the said grant and indenture of lease or that by reason thereof the said complainant was (torn) of the reversion of the premises in manner and form as in the bill of complaint most untruly is alleged and without that that the said second lease is by any casual means come to the hands of these defendant or of any of them but if it was they lawfully ought to retain and keep (torn) the same or that they do trouble or disturb the possession of the said complainant in the moiety of the premises but he may quietly occupy and enjoy the same if he so like to do without denial or that it were material if the said complainant or any for him had ever requested or entreated the said defendants that the said complainant should have and enjoy the premises wholly to him self or there was or is any cause so to do as in the said bill most untruly is alleged and without that that there is any other thing or things mentioned or etc