Chancery Depositions (PRO C6/276/80 Edw Johnson v Jn Crow and Ann Crow)

1684 (1684)

document 17000560

(date uncertain) humbly complain and shows unto your lordships that the orator one Edw Johnson being seised of a moiety of several acres of land that Jn Crow having the other moiety and the orator would have the said Crow to consent to divide the same in equity together so that the orator cannot have his moiety or make any profit thereof the said Jn Crow's cattle entering the corn as soon as it springs up neither your orator's feed the same the said Crow putting in so many cattle in a little time that the orator's cattle would starve neither would the said Crow buy or sell but now so it may please your lordship that the said Crow being a cross man will not consent to anything in tender consideration whereof and to the end that the said Crow may consent to part or sell the same to the orator or to buy his moiety thereof so that he can make profits thereof and by feeding# etc he asks for writ of subpoena issued to Jn Crow and his wife signed Jn Eldred (this appears to be just a short note)