Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/275 piece 77 Edw de Vere v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

28.11.42Eliz1 (Wednesday 28 November 1599)

document 17600843

six that touching any corruption used by any means whatsoever either by bribe or otherwise for the concealing of any deceitful practises of the defendants or either of them in the said bargain he saith that he can say nothing either of his own knowledge or of certain report except this which followeth may anything touch that matter viz that one Partridge meeting with this deponent at Colchester in Essex since the report of the said bargain this deponent was there told by the said Partridge that he having then before had some speeches with one of mr Harlakenden's men did tell him that one Hampton had disclosed some matters that might beneficial to the said earl about the said bargain whereat the said mr Harlakenden's man seeing as it were to wonder said unto Partridge the se or the like words in effect good lord whom should a man trust these hands paid Hampton 100li