Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/275 piece 77 Edw de Vere v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

28.11.42Eliz1 (Wednesday 28 November 1599)

document 17600875

ten that he can depose no other matter or thing beneficial for the complainant than as aforesaid either of his own knowledge or credible report saving that he hath heard the said mr Adams that dwelleth in the parsonage house of Colne as this deponent taketh it report and say that one Crowe now or late one of mr Harlakenden's men had told him that he the said Crowe could say somewhat that as he thought would set his master beside the priory and Earls Colne to or words of that effect as this deponent now remembreth and more etc by me Sam Cockerell