Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

20Jas1 hilary term (1623)

document 17700472

twenty item what was the occasion or chief motive that caused Edw Gurling and Jn Salter to surrender back their estate and title in the messuage and lands in question to the said Robt Partridge what are the said messuage and lands in question worth to be sold outright what did Gurling and Salter pay for the purchase of them and for what and how much did they part with their estate again set down your knowledge herein and were they glad when they had gotten their money back again and what profit or benefit made they out of the said messuage and lands and how long did the same rest in their hands (back of sheet) Robt Crowe one three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven fourteen eighteen nineteen twenty (next pinned to the interrogatories) twenty were you present at a trial at the assizes held at Brentwood for the county of Essex about eight years since between Thos Prior plaintiff and Wm Adams clerk defendant touching the title of certain lands in Earls Colne abovesaid what was the effect and for what was the said suit was there then indented and brought down another cross suit or nisi prius by mr Adams against the said Prior what was the reason the said real suit went not forward and was not then tried what witnesses did mr Adams produce and use at the said trials or either of them and how many were there sworn on his side and was Robt Parker sworn then at the said trial on either side yea or no