Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/497 part 2 no 63 Harlakenden v Rosse examination of Simon Ive)

15.2.1623 hilary 20Jas1 (Saturday 15 February 1623)

document 17702365

two item have you not since that time been a deponent against this defendant's said late father and this defendant on the behalf of Edw de Vere late earl of Oxford deceased in this honourable court and have you not likewise been an agent solicitor and deponent or solicitor or deponent against this defendant on the behalf of Hen de Veer now earl of Oxford in this honourable court in the king's bench and in divers other courts of record and have you not likewise been a deponent on the behalf of other parties against this defendant in divers other suits both at Westminster and in the country declare particularly upon your oath as far forth as you know or remember or do verily believe in how many causes you have been used as a deponent or a witness against this defendant and in what courts and places the same been depending are and at whose suit