Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

26.9.1623 (Friday 26 September 1623)

document 17901130

six that at the very same time that he this deponent was at supper in the house of the said Ralph Lunt and in company of the said ancient country gentlewoman whom the said Ralph and his wife called mother as aforesaid and she in like manner then calling them son and daughter the said old gentlewoman did in the presence and hearing of this defendant and others then being at supper with her in a sort acknowledge herself to be indebted unto the said Ralph Lunt for her own diet and lodging at and in his house and upon his charges and likewise for the pains and travail which the said Ralph in former time had taken for her and in and about her business for this deponent saith that the said gentlewoman then taking a cup of wine in her hand as she and the said Ralph Lunt and the rest were sitting at the table at supper and holding the said cup of wine in her hands awhile called unto the said Ralph Lunt saying unto him this or very like words in effect viz " here son Lunt I drink to you with all my heart and I thank you for all your charges that you have been at with me and also for your great pains taken in my business and I do here promise before all this company that if it shall please god to spare me life and health I will give you 100li for a recompense or satisfaction of and for all your kindness and charge " and this this deponent saith is all that he can materially depose to this interrogatory to any of the residue of the interrogatories he is not directed to be examined mark Dan Wilkinson