Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/84/16 depositions: Jn Hunwick v Thos Clark)

5.9.14Chas2 (Friday 5 September 1662)

document 18100604

to the first fifth and ninth interrogatory this deponent saith that he hath known the complainant about nine years and known the defendant about twelve months that (torn) father Jn Hunwick that the complainant is the said Jn Hunwick the elder his son and heir that mr Geo Cressener of Earls Colne did give 20s in earnest for the illegible text which defendant about eight months ago and he doth believe the reason why he did illegible text for the said lands for that he did doubt the defendant's title in the same the (torn) for confessing the same to this deponent that the lands in question contain about 15a (torn) and are worth as he doth believe about 14li per annum and are now worth (torn) 150li and he is induced the rather to judge the same at 14li (torn) being he was informed by Thos Linnet of Cornard in Suffolk that the (torn) so much a year for it of him and that he the deponent could have 14li (torn) said Linnet