Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/84/16 depositions: Jn Hunwick v Thos Clark)

5.9.14Chas2 (Friday 5 September 1662)

document 18100646

to the sixth eighth ninth eleventh and twelfth illegible text ago go into Ireland and that he this deponent was with him at Limerick in the same kingdom of Ireland four years that the said Jn Hunwick the elder did live there twenty years and that his debts and other troubles he doth believe were the cause of his going thither that the said Jn Hunwick the elder was long before his death a very poor man and altogether unable to redeem the said land in question that the complainant was engaged to pay several debts for his father Jn Hunwick the elder and that by reason of the said engagements the complainant was forced to absent himself from his respective habitation in Halstead and Earls Colne about six or seven years