Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/84/16 depositions: Jn Hunwick v Thos Clark)

5.9.14Chas2 (Friday 5 September 1662)

document 18100797

third did you know Simon Ive late of Colne Engaine in the said county of Essex illegible text and did you know Wm Gatward late of Nayland in the county of Suffolk both deceased were you were you illegible text with their writing# and which of their handwritings were those articles indented bearing date 13.5.1617 the proper handwriting of the said Simon Ive as (torn) name subscribed to the said articles and the hand now shown unto you and in the name of the said Wm Gatward (torn) upon the deed bearing date 3.10.2Chas1 and now shown unto you at the time of your examination the proper handwriting of the said Simon Ive and the said Wm Gatward and (torn)