Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/144 page 554 Rich and Thos Harlakenden v Blackwell and Wilkinson)

28.6.1623 saturday (Saturday 28 June 1623)

document 18300109

Rich Harlakenden and Thos Harlakenden executors of Mabel Stoner plaintiffs Mich Blackwell and Rich Wilkinson defendants for as much as this illegible text was this present day informed by mr Baron# illegible text counsel# that the defendants Mich Blackwell and Wm Blackwell his father deceased having heretofore a great sum of money granted a lease to one Symonds for five hundred years of the lands in the bill mentioned under which lease the plaintiffs live the defendant Mich illegible text now after his father's death avoided his own as under colour of a supposed deed of entail which he pleaded in his answer illegible text as heretofore prayed that the said defendant Mich may bring the said deeds of entail into this court to be seen and perused which this court held reasonable and doth order the same accordingly unless the defendant Mich upon justice# hereof shall be the end of the term show good cause to the contrary