Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

29.6.30Eliz1 (Saturday 29 June 1588)

document 19001292

to the second says that he has the estate and interest of Jn Bragg of and in the land in the park and by reason the said Read told Eliachim Ive his son on the day mentioned that he would break open the gate in the defendant's ground and carry away timber of the same ground through a cornfield of his he accompanied with Simon Ive his son repaired to the said Read and knowing the same Read carried his timber two other several ways he required him not to carry his timber over the cornfield but Read did notwithstanding carry his timber through the field at the request of mr Wordsworth this defendant was requested to let him pass and he further says that in the time of the carrying at the gate the defendant's wife and Eliachim his son named in the interrogatory came thither but he denied that he or his wife or son did then any way misuse themselves towards the person named in the interrogatory or any of the carriers of the timber to his knowledge but they allowed the cart to go through the field at the request of mr Wordsworth