Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/16/56 Simon Tryndell v Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland)

2.9.2Edw6 (Sunday 2 September 1548)

document 19300018

be it remembered that the cause in suit now depending afore the kings counsel upon complaint of Simon Tryndell against Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland defendants is now ordered by the kings council upon promise of sir Clem Smith knight which has undertaken and promised afore them that the said defendants and either of them shall personally appear at Westminster in the court of requests that as of st hilary next coming their answer as well to such contempts as shall be then alleged against them as to content and pay all such costs and charges which by the council shall be awarded for their remise denunciations committed and done in this behalf and upon trust of the accomplishing of this order and promise by the said mr Smith made as aforesaid the said council hath at this time dissolved the injunction awarded against the foresaid parties and their tenants under this condition and form that if the said defendants appear not and answer as aforesaid that then the said injunction afore specified to stand in his full force and effect in every part without any cause then alleged to the contrary in the stay of the same and the complainant to remain in his possession unto the time the matter be illegible text and ended between them