Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/16/56 Simon Tryndell v Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland)

2.9.2Edw6 (Sunday 2 September 1548)

document 19300105

to the king our sovereign lord in most humble wise sheweth and complaineth unto your highness your faithful subject Simon Trumdell that whereabout eleven years now last past one Robt Robinson of London clothworker was lawfully seised of and in a tenement or inn called the Dolphin with appurtenances in Halstead and of and in divers other lands and tenements in Halstead aforesaid Stisted and Colne Engaine called Playstowe lands within the county of Essex being of the clear yearly value of 10li over all charges in his demesne as of fee and he so keeping peace therewith enfeoffed divers persons to your orator unknown to the use of him and his heirs and to the performance of his last will and testament and after the said Robt Robinson made ordained and declared his last will and testament conveying his lands and tenements and by the same he willed that his feoffees should stand and be seised of the premises to the use and behoof of one Jn Compton the elder and one Agnes his wife for term of their lives and the longest liver of them and after their decease to the use of your said subject and one then Margery his wife for term of their lives and the longest liver of them with a lead and cawdern of brass set in furnaces brewing vessels and other implements and divers bedsteads in the said tenement or inn being and after their decease to the use of the next heirs of the said Simon and Margery coming with divers other remainders over as by the said will ready to be showed more at large doth appear by force whereof the said feoffees were of the premises seised in their demesne as of fee to the uses aforesaid unto 4.2.27Hen8 at which day the said Compton and Agnes his wife were sole seised of the premises in their demesne as of fee of freehold by force of the said estate and after the said Jn Compton and Agnes died since whose death all the deeds evidences charters and writings concerning the premises are casually come to the hands possession and custody of one Hen Sheldon and Wm Haclond who by colour thereof now of late hath not only entered into the said tenement and other the premises and keepeth your said subject forth and will in no wise suffer him to enter into the premises or to take the profits thereof as of right he ought to do but also hath pulled up the said lead and cawdern and illegible text them and the other brewing vessels and implements and the said bedsteads and hath converted the money thereof illegible text considering the premises illegible text them to be delivered they and every of them hath them always he thereto refused and yet illegible text they be contained in bag box chest locked or sealed nor yet the number nor certainty of the implements or household stuff in the illegible text pity to him be showed in that behalf may it therefore please your highness the premises tenderly unto your said subject considered to grant your privy seal to be directed unto the said Hen Sheldon and Wm Hacland commanding them and every of them by illegible text to appear before your most honourable council etc