Freehold Titles (ERO D/DHwT104 Jn Cressener marriage agreement)

15.7.1678 (Monday 15 July 1678)

document 27700005

know all men by these presents that I Jn Cressener of Earls Colne gentleman am bound to Thos Savill of Colne Engaine gentleman in 1000li owed to Thos or his attorney executors administrators or assigns which is to be paid by my heirs or executors etc signed and sealed 15.7.1678 the condition of the obligation above written is such that whereas a marriage by the permission of god is shortly intended to be had and solemnized by and between the above named Thos Savill and Sibilla Cressener sister of the above bounden Jn Cressener whereas the said Sibilla is seised in fee simple of and in one messuage with appurtenances called Newhouse with divers freehold lands and pasture grounds tenements and hereditaments thereunto belonging or reputed to be appertaining situate lying and being in Earls Colne aforesaid which said messuage and lands in consideration of the said marriage are agreed to be settled and conveyed to the uses herein after mentioned that is to say to the use of the said Sibilla Cressener and her heirs until the said intended marriage had and solemnized and from and after the solemnization thereof to the use of the said Sibilla Cressener and of her assigns for and during the term of her natural life and after her decease to the use of the said Thos Saville his heirs and assigns forever and whereas by reason of the minority of the said Sibilla Cressener who is under the age of 21yrs the said messuage and premises cannot at present be lawfully conveyed and assured to the uses aforesaid if therefore the said Sibilla Cressener her heirs and assigns shall and do upon the request of her or them made by the said Thos Saville his heirs or assigns or at the cost and charges in law of the said Jn Cressener his heirs and assigns by fine or other lawful conveyance or assurance as by the said Thos Saville his heirs or assigns or his or their council learned in the law shall in that behalf be reasonably advised devised and required well and sufficiently convey and assure the said messuage lands and all and singular the premises to the uses aforesaid free from all charges and encumbrances had made done or suffered by her or them and also if until such lawful conveyance or assurance well and sufficiently made and executed the said messuage lands and premises shall and may continue to the uses aforesaid without the let suit eviction or interruption of the said Sibilla Cressener her heirs or assigns or any of them and without any account to be given to her or them for the rents issues and profits of the premises that then this present obligation to be void and of none effect or else to be and remain in full force strength and virtue sealed and delivered in the presence of Jn Eldred Joanna Brond S Grimston Jn Cressener