Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/7 concerning appointing a schoolmaster in Earls Colne)

21.4.1756 (Wednesday 21 April 1756)

document 32300920

I Robt Younge being presented to grammar school of Earls Colne in the county of Essex by the benefactors Wm Towle and Robt Forest do agree to accept the said presentation on the following conditions first that the presentation shall commence from the 25.3.1756 secondly that the said benefactors do pay me 30li per annum out of the estates given to support the aforesaid school on the following terms that I Robt Younge do teach three boys gratis within one year from the date hereof and for all above that number to be entitled to the sum of 20s per boy to be paid me by the aforesaid benefactors till the number is increased to fifteen but if it should not be possible to procure five boys I do oblige myself to allow the aforesaid benefactors 20s per annum for every boy less than that number thirdly in condition of the aforesaid 30li per annum I undertake to collect and recover the rents and arrears of rents of the estates appropriated to support the said school and to be accountable for them to the aforesaid benefactors 21.4.1756 RY