Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/7 concerning appointing a schoolmaster in Earls Colne)

5.10.1787 (Friday 5 October 1787)

document 32300972

we Edw Percivall and Sam Towle patrons of the free school in Earls Colne do hereby constitute and appoint mr Hen Algar of Earls Colne to be schoolmaster of the said school to receive the rents of the messuage lands and tenements belonging to the said school and to teach greek and latin to children without charging anything for the same in all things to confirm himself agreeable to the intention of the founder of the said school so far as the same is now or may hereafter be known also to teach english writing and arithmetic to fifteen boys without charging anything for the same to hold the said schoolmastership from michaelmas.1787 for one year and after that at our pleasure but if the said patrons should be desirous to appoint some other person to be schoolmaster instead of the said Hen Algar then and in such case they the said patrons shall give six months notice to the said Hen Algar of such their intention for self and Sam Towle Edw Percivall dated 5.10.1787