Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/11 deeds concerning the Free School numbers refer to pages)

20.10.1673 (Monday 20 October 1673)

document 32301702

20.10.1673 by a letter of that date from London signed Jn Cressener and directed to mr Geo Cressener at Earls Colne the said Jn Cressener writes that he had agreed with the earl's steward for the gift of the school and that divers settled upon the said Geo Cressener and his son Geo and the said Jn Cressener and that the earl was to give such further assurances as he the said Geo Cressener should think fit and that he the said Jn Cressener would send the deed of settlement to his brother the said Geo Cressener