Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr482 lease Wm Langfeld and wife Eliz to Rich Wodestoke and Jn Penyleyngh Chalkeneymelle)

12.9.1482 (Thursday 12 September 1482)

document 49600005

this indenture made the 12.9.1482 witnesseth that I Wm Langfeld gentleman and Eliz his wife on the one part hath letten to farm their mill called Chakeneymelle to Rich Wodestoke of Earls Colne and to Jn Penyleyngh of the said town tailor in the other part with all the housing lands meadows pastures for the time of fifteen years and the said Rich Wodestoke and Jn shall find stones and keep all manner of water work timber work earth work and all erne work belonging to the same mill well and sufficiently and so to be leave it at the end of their years and also the said Rich and Jn reserveth two millstones the rennere 5in thick and the lyggere 7in of thickness and so to be leave them at the years end also the said Wm and Eliz Langfeld for to see to be had timber sufficient also the said Wm and Eliz shall keep there the housing wind and watertight and the said Rich and Jn Penyleygh to keep all manner daubing and gates also the said Rich and Jn shall pay all manner of duty rents yearly also the said Rich and Jn shall pay yearly to the said Wm Langfeld and Eliz 26s8d sterling money of England at easter 13s4d and at michaelmas 13s4d or within four weeks after any these terms without any delay or else to do distress them with costs and damages and the said Rich and Jn keep and perform these covenants above written that then there obligation stand void and in none effect to these covenants we both parties bind our heirs and executors and assigns and for the more surety on to this indenture we have put our seal the day and year aforesaid