Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr263 Wm Hawke to Rich Curlewe Werkemans tenement)

29.4.22Hen7 (Thursday 29 April 1507)

document 49800005

(badly torn in latin) know all men by these presents that I Wm Hawke of Cambridge son and heir of Wm Hawke deceased (torn) Earls Colne do grant and by this indenture concede to Rich Curlewe Wm (torn) clerk Thos Bret Jn Wastelyn and Roger Hitchcock of Earls Colne aforesaid a tenement and garden (torn) containing 2r more or less and all appurtenances etc which tenement is called Werkmans and lies in Earls Colne viz between a tenement (torn) Senold on the east part and a croft of land called Calvescroft on the west part one head abuts on the said croft (torn) and the other on the highway from Halstead to Colchester which tenement and garden and all lands etc the said Wm Hawke my father died sole seised of etc to have and to hold all the aforesaid tenement and lands etc to the said Rich Curlewe Wm (torn) clerk Thos Bret Jn Wastelyn and Roger Hitchcock their heirs and assigns they to pay eight# (torn) and 6s8d at the feast of pentecost next following 26s8d and at every following feast of pentecost until all paid and if the said Rich Curlewe etc do not pay the said 8marks in part or in whole then the said Rich Curlewe Wm Chapet clerk Thos Bret Jn (torn) and Roger Hitchcock will and concede by these presents the tenement aforesaid to Wm Hawke his heirs or assigns and he to reenter and keep etc witnesses Robt Beeston Robt Turnbill Jn Reynold Robt Hudson Rich Filbrigge and many others given at Colne aforesaid 29.4.22Hen7

this bill made 8.6.22Hen7 that I Wm Hawke of Cambridge have received of Rich Curlewys of Earls Colne 4marks in the part of payment of the more sum witness thereof be Wm Chappet and Jn Reynold