Freehold Titles (Earls Colne extracts from Feet of Fines for Essex in four volumes 1182-1547 editors various)

1208-1209 (1209)

document 52300419

(fine partly decayed) hilary Herb Anias demandant Mich the clerk tenant two virgates of land with appurtenances in Colum Niblanc tenant vouched to warranty Ymania Revell who vouched to warranty Wm prior of E==== who vouched to warranty Hugh abbot of Abendon who vouched to warranty earl Aubrey de Ver who put in his place Robt de Welles recognition of mort d'ancestor demandant quitclaimed to the said prior who granted to him for life illegible text of a monk and two jugs of monk's ale and two kinds of pottage illegible text and after demandant decease the prior illegible text it shall be lawful to demandant in his lifetime to assign in his place illegible text the said Mich and Ymania shall hold illegible text during their lives by the free service of 12d and after their decease illegible text of earl Aubrey by Robt de Welles put in his place illegible text the said corrody every day as he shall live