Freehold Titles (vol 4)

1538 (1538)

document 52301362

the king plaintiff Hen More abbot commendatory of the monastery of St Mary Coggeshall alias Coxhall defendant the manors of Coggeshall Childerdyche Tyllyngham illegible text Hall Lyons Tolshunt Major Chedyngsell Tutwike Bousers alias Bouseys Holford Graunge and Busshy Gatehouse two thousand messuages five hundred tofts two thousand gardens four dovecotes tenant water mills four windmills 10000a of land 2000a of meadow 10000a of pasture 4000a of wood 5000a of marsh 4000a of furze and heath 2000a of alder 2000a of rushes 3000a of land covered with water 200li rent and a rents of thirty quarters of wheat sixty quarters of barley 6lb of peppar and 8lb of cumin in Coggeshall alias Coxhall Childerdich Tyllyngham Thorndon Warley Brendwode Springfeld Chelmersford Borham Tolshunt Tregoy Tolshunt Maior Inworth Messynge Wakeringe Fulneys Feringe Kelden Bredwell Patteswike Stysted Revenhall Earls Colne Halstede Magna Tey Magna Braxtede Canewden Burnham Aldern and Fulnes the rectories of Childerdych and Coggeshall and a perpetual chantry founded in the parish church of Coggeshall county of Essex the manor of Honyby Graunge alias Wynston Graunge and twenty messuages ten ant toft thirty gardens 500a of land 150a of meadow 600a of pasture 40a of wood 200a of furze and heath and 10li rent in Wynston county of Suffolk and twenty six messuages and twenty six gardens in the parish of Allhallows at the Hay in the ward of Dowgate and the parish of St Botolph without Algate London defendant quitclaimed to plaintiff and his heirs and assigns consideration 40li Essex Suffolk and London