Freehold Titles (CP25/2/)

trinity 22Eliz1 (1588)

document 52400252

morrow of trinity Israel Amyce gentleman and Wm Tyffyn gentleman plaintiffs Edw Earl of Oxford deforciant manor of Wakes Colne and twenty messuages ten tofts one water mill one dovecote twenty gardens 200a of land 30a of meadow 200a of pasture 10a of wood and 60s rent in Wakes Colne Earls Colne Colne Engaine White Colne Great Tayne Little Tayne Fordham Pontesbright and Mount Bures view of frankpledge in Wakes Colne and advowson of Colne Wakes deforciant quitclaimed to plaintiffs and the heirs of Wm warranty by deforciant against himself his heirs all claimants and the heirs of his father Jn late Earl of Oxford 400marks