Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6 ACC 6029/58)

22Eliz1 (Thursday 6 October 1580)

document 53300005

this is the final agreement made in the court of the queen at Westminster in the octave of st michaelmas 22Eliz1 before Jas Dyer Thos Meade and Francis Wyndam justices and others faithful to the queen then there present between Geo Cressener querent and Sibil Reighnold widow deforciant of one messuage and one garden with appurtenances in Colne Comitis alias Earls Colne whereupon a plea of covenant was summoned between them in the same court that is to say that the aforesaid Sibil recognizes the aforesaid tenement with appurtenances to be the right of him Geo and that Geo has of the gift of the aforesaid Sibil and that she remises quitclaims from herself and her heirs to the aforesaid Geo and his heirs forever and afterwards the same Sibil did grant for herself and her heirs that she would warrant to the aforesaid Geo and his heirs the aforesaid tenement with appurtenances against the aforesaid Sibil and her heirs forever and for this recognizance remission quitclaim warrant fine and agreement likewise Geo owes the aforesaid Sibil 40li sterling