Calendar State Papers Domestic (PRO SP/1)

27.7.1538 (Saturday 27 July 1538)

document 12900086

Jn earl of Oxford to Cromwell on thursday last about four pm my lord of Norfolk sent to me to my house of Earls Colne to meet him at Esterfforde at five or six o'clock the same night did so and rode with him towards Stoke he showed me as at your desire concerning the accusation made against me in the deposition of that arrant traitor the abbot of Wooburn before your good lordship thanks for this good advertisement protests his innocence and begs Cromwell's continued favour never saw the abbot since the prorogation of the last parliament and as for such papistical cope or book cannot remember having such a thing though he has searched everywhere at Colne for it and will do so at his house at London and elsewhere 27.7.