Calendar State Papers Domestic (PRO SP/12)

6.2.1566 (Wednesday 6 February 1566)

document 12900138

sir Wm Cecil master sir Wm Dansell receiver Wm Took auditor and Robt Nowell attorney to the court of wards to Robt Christmas servant to the earl of Leicester there is a yearly rent of 66li due to her majesty out of the late priory of Colne Essex parcel of the possessions of Edw now earl of Oxford her majesty's ward which priory is continued in a lease granted to your master under the seal of her majesty's court of wards and liveries as the said rent reserved is not comprised in the lease for lack of instructions given upon the making thereof it has remained unpaid ever since the death of the late earl father of the present earl now upward of three years and amounts to 198li for payment whereof the receiver of Essex is a suitor to us we therefore require you to order the said arrears to be forthwith paid as also the yearly rent hereafter and this shall be a sufficient discharge to his lordship for payment thereof and to the auditor general of the court of wards and liveries to allow it on his lordship's account for the possessions of the said now earl so long as the same shall remain in her majesty's hands (three quarters of a page damaged)